About The Workshop

IAEA Regional Workshop on SMR 2024

The imperative to achieve Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2050 intensifies in energy-intensive South East Asia, including Indonesia. A collaborative approach, emphasizing an increased integration of renewables and nuclear power, is crucial to meet the surging energy demands. Globally, over 20 countries are actively developing advanced reactors, with more than 90 Small Modular Reactor (SMR) concepts progressing. Notably, about 20 designs are set for deployment as demonstration units by 2035, marking significant strides in nuclear innovation. Regional nuclear societies play a vital role in guiding decision-makers through the complexities of these advancements, underscoring the transformative phase in achieving sustainable energy solutions.

This workshop aims to provide technical exchange forum among international experts on the subjects and strengthen energy society in South East Asia that hopefully can draft white papers on the subject “Potential SMR technologies to be implemented for Indonesia NZE 2060 Program” as an output.



Integral PWR and Floating NPP

The Integral Pressurized Water Reactor (iPWR) is characterized by its integrated design, consolidating major components into a single unit to enhance safety and simplify the overall structure of the nuclear power plant. This compact design reduces external piping and connections, improving thermal efficiency and reducing the plant’s footprint. On the other hand, a Floating Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is a mobile and self-contained nuclear power station mounted on a floating platform. Its mobility allows it to be deployed to remote or off-grid areas, offering a flexible solution for energy needs in various locations or during emergencies.


The Molten Salt Small Modular Reactor (SMR) employs molten salt as both the fuel and coolant, enhancing safety through passive mechanisms and enabling high-temperature operation for efficient electricity generation and industrial applications. On the other hand, the Fast Small Modular Reactor (SMR) utilizes a fast-neutron spectrum, allowing for increased fuel utilization and potential nuclear waste transmutation.

HTGR: Pebbed bed + Prismatic Modular and Microreactors

High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR) modular and microreactors represent innovative advancements in nuclear technology. HTGR modular reactors utilize helium as a coolant and can operate at higher temperatures, offering enhanced safety features and potential applications in electricity generation and industrial processes. On the other hand, microreactors are compact, scalable nuclear reactors designed for smaller power needs. They provide flexibility and can be deployed in diverse settings, including remote locations or to support critical infrastructure.