About SKN 2021

SKN 2021 or Seminar Keselamatan Nuklir 2021 is an annual event organized by BAPETEN to accommodate knowledge and experience sharing in nuclear and radiation safety aspects in the form of paper presented. As depicted by its theme, this year, SKN aims to discuss, observe, and identify the issues that emerge during pandemic situation both in the regulatory control and in the nuclear energy utilization from which action plans may be established to solve the issues.

Over the past few years, to encourage researchers, academicians, students, and professionals from different fields to join and contribute to the success of the event, BAPETEN has collaborated with universities. This year, it collaborates with Institut Teknologi Bandung.

The general agenda consists of a plenary and parallel session. The Keynote Speakers are the Chairman of BAPETEN, the Rector of ITB, the Minister of Research and Technology, and the Minister of Health. In addition, there will be Invited Speaker, particularly IAEA expert from the Division of Radiation, Transport, and Waste Safety involved in the publication of IAEA documents, namely the Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Regulatory Activities for the Safety of Radiation Sources. The parallel session is for oral and poster presentations by participants.

A technical recommendation will be published as a summary of the issues extracted from the proceedings.